Oyster Yachts

Renowned for the superior quality of their boats, Oyster Yachts has become one of the most highly-regarded names in the world of luxury yachting.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

A specialist in their field, this company is one the leading UK manufacturers of solid surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms and other key living spaces in the home.

Luxury Yacht Company

Experts in their field, this luxury yacht company have been building deluxe, handcrafted boats for their clients for over two decades.

Bespoke Bed Company

A bespoke London-based bed company, specialising in making handmade and delicately crafted beds from the finest wood and metal materials.

Door Manufacturer

Over its 130-year history, the customer has built a reputation for producing the finest architectural timber products.

Yellowing Exteriors

The particular problem which we solved together will be familiar to everyone working with external woodwork.

Furnishing & Joinery Specialist

Bespoke furniture and architectural installations specialist for commercial and residential properties, renowned for delivering stunning designs and handcrafted builds.

Builders & Joiners Specialist

A builder and joinery company, committed to working with the highest quality materials to produce exquisitely-made products and bespoke solutions.

Higham Furniture

Redwood has been supplying a Higham Furniture with consumables since 2010, but the relationship moved up a notch some years back.