Exterior Coloured

Suitable for all types of dimensionally-stable joinery, including windows, doors and orangeries manufactured using any type of wood, including oak, pine, meranti and accoya.

Superior Finish

  • Emphasis of natural wood grain – the ‘wood characteristic’ is maintained by efficient lining of the pores
  • High elasticity – improved durability in cases of temperature variations and hail
  • Surface smoothness – superior surface smoothness

In addition to this, there are further benefits during the finishing process:

  • Early anti-blocking – quicker processing in the workshop
  • Reduced number of coats – impregnation and primer coat combined into one product, or top coat and intermediate coat combined into one product, resulting in just three coats in total
  • Excellent flow – shorter flash-off and drying phase and less material usage
  • VOC Approved
  • Download our Standard Factory Method Statement or our Accoya Factory Method Statement