Interior Wood Coatings

We are the UK’s leading supplier of Hesse Lignal’s highly-durable primers, multi-coat and finishing lacquers.

Our relationship with Hesse Lignal gives us access to their entire range of highly-durable primers, multi-coat and finishing lacquers for solid wood, glass, plastic, metal and wood surfaces. 

Hesse Lignal are partners of choice for the supply of professional surface-design solutions for the marine, shopfitting, furniture and staircase manufacturing sectors. Based in Hamm, Germany, they have been manufacturing paints and lacquers since 1910 and are renowned for their constant product development and attention to detail, along with their diligent efforts to protect the user and the environment.  In their own words: “Everything we do revolves around providing high-quality solutions for our customers. Flexible, quick and with costs in proportion.” 

Hesse Products are environmentally-friendly, formaldehyde-free, and suitable for any kind of wood. They combine fast drying times, long pot life and high solids content, all of which lead to increased efficiency and reduced waste. The company’s certifications include EN13501, DIN68861 & IMO… to name but a few! 

When we supply products from the Hesse Lignal range, we also provide access to customer support based on Redwood’s extensive technical knowledge and practical know-how.