Introducing FANTASTIC-Color

Take a look at FANTASTIC-Color, which is the perfect top coat for use with FANTASTIC-Fill Primer – ideal for use on MDF.

Hesse FANTASTIC-COLOR Tips & Tricks

Hesse FANTASTIC-COLOR is a pigmented, light-fast and very well-balanced two-component PU acrylic resin lacquer with impressive opacity and a fast drying time. The product’s particular distinguishing features are its outstanding ability to stay on vertical surfaces together with excellent levelling on horizontal surfaces.


FANTASTIC-Clear ULTRAMATT is a clear lacquer that can be used as a multi-coat lacquer on all common and bleached woods, or as a finishing lacquer over any of our PU bases, including the FANTASTIC-Color.

Introducing FANTASTIC-Fill Primer

Introducing the FANTASTIC-Fill Primer! Here are some tips on the best way to spray it to get the best finish.

Hesse FANTASTIC-Family

Mr. FANTASTIC presents: The innovative PU-lacquer-trio for 95% of all surface demands in the field of interior fittings. Each product can be combined with just one hardener and one thinner. This reduces storage requirements and improves cost effectiveness.

Hesse Lignal Waterborne Stain

Hydro-stains BG, ready to use, environmentally friendly, for brilliant to slightly muted stain effects without distinctive emphasis of the pores. Can be used on almost all types of wood.

Hesse Lignal Natural Wood Effect

Natural wood effect: Light-fast, With light protection, Dull matt with good scratch resistance (polyurethane and water based lacquer).

Hesse Lignal Natural Colour Oil

High quality oil, pigmented, tough, abrasion, wear-resistant with light protection for open-pore, vapour-permeable surfaces.

Sia Abrasives Multi-Hole Sanding Discs - S Performance (90 s)

The new multi-hole generation – optimum hole pattern for maximum efficiency.

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