Future proof your projects, your supply chain, your wood coatings…

The Hesse waterbased wood coating systems are environmentally conscious formulated materials, based on water. Instead of organic solvents, they are produced with water. The Hesse waterbased-lacquers are applicable as multicoat systems. They are known for manifold application abilities and can be easily applied by spraying, curtain coating, dipping, brushing or rolling. In the lacquer environment, as well, the waterbased-system offers favourable conditions:

  • Advantages for storage and transport

  • No danger potential compared to traditional lacquers

Besides the one-component waterbased wood coatings, there are also two- component options available, giving further mechanical and chemical resistance. The waterbased lacquers are also available as a colour system. These multi coat lacquers have a pleasant feel and are known for their excellent coverage and lightfast abilities.

The waterbased lacquer range includes primers, pigmented top coats and clear lacquers. Products available with ‘Dubai Green Building’ certification, flame retardant to DIN 4102 B1 and EN13501-1.