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Renowned for the superior quality of their boats, Oyster Yachts has become one of the most highly-regarded names in the world of luxury yachting.


Renowned for the superior quality of their boats, Oyster Yachts has become one of the most highly-regarded names in the world of luxury yachting. With quality, design and customer service at the heart of every project, Oyster continuously looks for ways to improve their manufacturing processes and build on the first-class finish of their yachts.

The Challenge

Redwood had been supplying Oyster Yachts with glue for a number of years, when the company approached Redwood, seeking advice on interior coatings for their yachts. The company were looking for a product which would reduce processing times and minimise the yellowing of their oak interiors; whilst also meeting stringent marine regulations and offering an aesthetically-pleasing finish for customers.

As the leading UK supplier of Hesse Lignal, fully tested and IMO certified lacquers, both Redwood and Hesse Lignal were confident they had the right products to meet Oysters needs.

The solution

Having made several thorough visits to the Oyster Yachts HQ and observing their processes, Redwood was able to advise Oyster on the best products to meet their needs, as well as introducing some new manufacturing techniques into their production processes to complement these.

Hesse also worked closely on the project and were able to facilitate testing on varying substrates at their headquarters in Germany. Using their state of the art facilities, Hesse used climate chambers to assess the effect of UV on the different substrates. This analysis provided them with the basis for recommending their DG 4717-0005 as a base coat ideal for closed-pore substrates with additional light fast properties.

The DE 4259x clear two component multicoat acrylic PU lacquer was extremely successful in trials to achieve the required top coat finish. The product was also a highly practical solution with its 3 day pot life, as well as meeting met strict EC-type examination certificate for seagoing vessels, according to IMO Resolution.

The outcome

Since implementing the changes recommended by Redwood, alongside Hesse Lignal’s multicoat acrylic PU lacquer, Oyster have noticed a dramatic improvement in the finish of their oak interiors, as well as benefiting from significantly reduced production times in the workshop.

We were looking for a product that would primarily speed up the production process through our spray shop as well as meet the high standard of finish and level of protection we require inside our yachts. Redwood together with Hesse Lignal spent time with our team, in our spray booth and inside our yachts to really understand our requirements as well as the challenges of spraying the inside of a yacht.

Adrian Perrin,
Oyster Yachts

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