Construction, Shopfitting & Interiors Specialist

Specialists in construction, shopfitting and interiors, this client was committed to finding new sustainable solutions that continued to deliver high quality finishes.

With 60 years’ industry experience, this sustainability-focused, award-winning specialist is one of the leading construction, shopfitting and interior companies in the UK. 


As specialists in construction, shopfitting and interiors, and general works, this client was committed to finding new sustainable solutions, to continue delivering high quality finishes, that their reputation was built on. 


Faced with an ongoing issue of MDF furring up when using AC paint, the specialist was having to spend a lot of time sanding after applying the first coat and approached Redwood for advice and in search of an alternative, reliable, sustainable product. 


Our experts carried out a free product audit to address the problem and offered their expertise on the best products and processes.  

Our team found the furring up to be caused when moisture got beneath the fibres in the MDF, causing them to lift up, and recommended Hesse Lignal PU Isolating Primer DG4720-0001 to seal the MDF before painting 

It’s a transparent base coat that is suitable for stabilising softwood that easily prevents MDF from furring up. The coating material features a good isolation effect for use on resinous woods that are rich in active substances and is fast-drying and formulated for low viscosity.  

Unlike other similar products, it leaves a smooth, high-quality finish, meaning there is no need to sand, which was taking up a lot of time and resource. 


Delivering high quality results, every time, has always been very important to the specialist, and they were thrilled that by using Hesse’s Isolating Primer, the MDF stopped furring up and they were able to save time and achieve the same outstanding, noticeably smooth finish, without needing to sand. 

Hesse’s sustainable Isolating Primer closely matches the company’s ethos and social values, importantly their commitment to reducing their environmental impact, which they have received a Gold Sustainability Rating Award for. In addition, the health and safety of their employees and everyone who visits their sites has been maintained, as the primer does not contain Aliphatic Isocyanates or Toluene, which can be harmful to humans, and uses Butyl Acetate as the base of the product instead. 

Hesse’s Isolating Primer, which is IMO certified, can be used for all interior fixtures and fittings and is ideal for shopfitting. Since using the primer, the company’s issues with MDF furring up have been eradicated, enabling them to deliver an impressive high-quality finish and cement their reputation as market leaders in their field. 

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