Furnishing & Joinery Specialist

Bespoke furniture and architectural installations specialist for commercial and residential properties, renowned for delivering stunning designs and handcrafted builds.


The specialist has undertaken some exceptional projects, from full design, manufacture and installation of handcrafted furnishings and architectural joinery, for top restaurants, high-end retail outlets, home offices, kitchens, bars and home cinemas, delivering high quality finishes every time.  

Aware of our commitment to outstanding quality, the specialist has trusted us for years to supply all their paints and lacquers, and when faced with an adhesive issue, they were quick to seek our advice. 


The specialist was working on a large project involving a fumed oak veneer, but was having difficulties using their usual resin, as it wasn’t adhering successfully.  

With many years of experience in the industry, we knew this was a common issue and were quick to provide the specialist with a solution. 


Unfortunately, using standard adhesives such as urea formaldehyde (UF) resin adhesive or PVA on fumed veneers, can cause lack of adhesion, bubbling, delamination and discolouration. This is because the ammonia vapours used in the fuming process prevents regular adhesives (which would work well on standard veneers) from being absorbed into the substrate.  

We immediately carried out a comprehensive adhesives audit. Our team began trialling the AnchorResin Primer in our lab and sent the specialist samples for testing.  


By using Redwood’s AnchorResin Primer, the specialist was able to achieve fantastic results using their regular resin, by simply wiping both surfaces with the AnchorResin Primer and letting it dry before applying the resin mixture. 

Using the AnchorResin Primer alongside their existing adhesive, the solution delivers a strong adhesion and a high quality finish for their fumed oak veneer.  

The adhesives audit gave them great peace of mind, knowing that investing in the product would solve their issue and enable them to continue delivering high standards that they had built their reputation on.  

To find out more about our AnchorResin Primer, or arrange an adhesives audit, call us now on 02392 233 310 or email sales@redwood-uk.com.