Our FANTASTIC-BRILLANT DU48799 98% rounds off the FANTASTIC family in terms of high gloss. It can be used as clear top coat on bare woods that already have a basecoat or to finish the  FANTASTIC-COLOR. By default this topcoat is hardened using PU Hardener DR 4071, however, a variety of further hardening options offer the possibility of influencing product properties and existing process conditions.  FANTASTIC-BRILLANT can for instance be applied with faster drying, less dust incursion or with higher chemical resistance. Can be used for shop fitting or on any other interior fittings, including kitchens, bathrooms and the fitting out of ship interiors*. 

  • High scratch resistant with excellent surface clarity
  • Very high chemical resistance
  • Free of harmful aromatic solvents and only requires a P2 mask when spraying
  • Individual hardener selection for your process
  • Optimally matches the FANTASTIC family
  • Can be polished and buffed
  • Can be used with standard FANTASTIC hardener DR4071  at a 4:1 mix
  • Available in 5 Ltr and 25 Ltr drums

Which property in a high gloss lacquer is the most important to you? Simplify your process! A simple overview of hardener selection in relation to FANTASTIC-BRILLANT can be downloaded below.

*Certification according to IMO is pending.

*all datasheets are in english but are available in other languages.

High-gloss coating with FANTASTIC-BRILLANT

Hesse Lignal FANTASTIC-BRILLANT DU48799 is a highly flexible PU-based high-gloss lacquer that is also very scratch-resistant, polishable and buffable. This demonstrates how the most attractive high gloss surfaces are created in our Innovation Centre. The beautiful images enable us to directly show two variants: firstly the brilliant coating of opaque coloured surfaces and secondly a high gloss coating on precious Makassar veneer that already has a basecoat. Right at the start you can see the various hardener options, in each case with an indication as to which property is fulfilled.