Hesse FANTASTIC-FILL Primer DP4755

The FANTASTIC-FILL primer DP4755 is a polyurethane primer with excellent body and outstanding surface smoothness. Available in white and black as standard or can be coloured to suit your specific requirements.

This primer is used as the base coat for either FANTASTIC-COLOR or UNA-COLOR top coat.

  • One process primer which reduces the overall finishing time by minimising the number of coats and denibbing
  • Only 2-3 hour drying time needed before sanding, giving a quicker turnaround time in the finishing shop
  • Free of harmful aromatic solvents and only requires a P2 mask when spraying
  • Carries IMO and EN13501-1 certification (check certification for substrate specification)
  • Excellent filling and levelling properties leading to 20% less sanding
  • Extended pot life allowing mixed primer to be used for up to 8 hours resulting in reduced production waste
  • Very low hardener to lacquer ratio – 10 parts lacquer to 1 part hardener
  • Regularly used for vertical application due to its thixotropic characteristics
  • Available in white and black as standard but can be pigmented to a wide range of colours to suit project requirements
  • Same hardener & thinner for whole FANTASTIC range resulting in fewer stocked products
  • Available in 7 & 25kg drums

This product requires PU Hardener DR4071 (ratio 10:1 by volume) and standard thinners DV4994  or slow thinners DV4935

*all datasheets are in english but are available in other languages.

Next day delivery when ordered before 2pm

Introducing Hesse Lignal FANTASTIC-Fill Primer

In this video we are going to take a look at the FANTASTIC-Fill Primer and give you some tips on the best way to spray it, to get the best finish.

In this video Hesses' Mr Fantastic explains how the Hesse Lignal Fantastic FILL and COLOR saves time and resources.