Hesse Lignal FANTASTIC Range- The best thing about this family is that each member is impressive on its own and compatible with many wood species and other lacquers. Together, however, the FANTASTICS are unbeatable!

  • FANTASTIC-FILL is a powerful PU pigment filler and provides “the base” for MDF.
  •  FANTASTIC-COLOR brings “colour into play” and is a complete all-rounder. This PU colour lacquer is light fast, provides a high solid content and, due to its high opacity, is very practical and universally usable.
  • The transparent “all-rounder” for the surface is FANTASTIC-CLEAR, a light fast, transparent PU multicoat lacquer, which is also an excellent top coat.
  •  And our new “natural talent”, FANTASTIC-NATURA, is a PU lacquer, which provides a natural optic and feel with the best level of protection.
  • An excellent finishing lacquer with its velvety feel, the FANTASTIC ULTRA-MATT creates a luxurious finish.
  •  Our FANTASTIC-BRILLIANT rounds off the FANTASTIC family in terms of high gloss. It can be used as clear top coat on bare woods that already have a basecoat or to recoat onto FANTASTIC-COLOR.


  • only require one hardener and one thinner
  • are low-flammable, according to EN 130501 (check certification for substrate specification)
  • are uncomplicated and easy to handle
  • have a very good chemical and mechanical resistance (DIN 68861 – 1B)