Solid stone is heavy, often cumbersome and complicated to assemble. The painted alternative is much lighter and very uncomplicated. PLANET-STONE enables wood, wood-based materials, plastic and many other substrates to be coated with real stone pigments.

After completion you will see and feel no difference to real stone, the surfaces are extremely durable, easy to clean and meet DIN 68861-1B with the PUR base.

This effect painting is done simply by adding stone powder to a suitable base coat – based on HYDRO or PUR. The color palette includes 10 different stone powders and, depending on the color of the primer, many other color variations are created. PLANET-STONE is classically applied with a paint gun and a large nozzle. Alternatively, the powder can also be sprinkled by hand into the still wet base coat. A subsequent colorless final coat allows for a smoother surface and offers more gloss variations. When it comes to sustainability, the PLANET-STONE definitely scores points. There is no massive mining of stone in the world’s quarries. The stone powder comes from real stone slabs and is therefore put to further sustainable use.

The PLANET-STONE effect offers you truly limitless possibilities. The color of the base coat has a decisive influence on the final result. You can also design this surface differently, for example by painting a specific pattern (e.g. your logo) in a second color. You can also mix different stone powders together, which allows for additional color variations. What creative idea do you have?

Watch PLANET STONE in action here.

Available in 10 different colours.