Weathered Softwood

The old timber floors creaked and groaned as they shifted under the weight of the passing footsteps. They had been there for decades, maybe even centuries, and each crack and knot told a story. It was said that the wood had been salvaged from an ancient ship, weathered and worn from years of voyages across the sea. Others claimed that the timbers had once been part of a grand old castle, dismantled and repurposed for the construction of this humble dwelling.

Story time over, creating a weathered or rustic effect which feels like its been around for years can be difficult to replicate.  Meet the weathered effect which makes the surfaces appear as if they had been exposed to decades of weathering.

The weathered softwood effect adds character and charm to any space, whether it’s a rustic shop fitout or a cosy cabin in the woods. Overall, the weathered softwood finish is a timeless and beautiful choice for any indoor design project.