Soudal Soudaseal 270HS

Soudal Soudaseal 270HS is a high quality single component adhesive-sealant with high stiffness and very high adhesive strength. The hybrid polymer formulation is chemically neutral and remains flexible when cured. Available in cartridges of 310ml and foil bags of 600ml in a range of colours.

  • High performance mechanical properties
  • Combines high flexibility with very high bond strength
  • High green strength, quick build-up of end strength, high sheer strength after full cure
  • Does not contain isocyanates, silicone, solvent
  • Can be sanded after full cure
  • Flexible elastic rubber – movement accommodation up to 20%
  • Withstands all climatic conditions

Suitable for bonding applications where a tough and flexible bond is required (i.e. cars, coaches, caravans, marine, train and aerospace industries). Structural flexible bonding between metal surfaces, coated surfaces and many plastics. The flexible characteristics make it suitable for applications subject to vibration. Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication.