Soudal Soudaseal 240FC

Soudaseal 240 FC combines sealing and bonding applications on all porous and smooth surfaces. Its high quality Hybrid Polymer technology warrants outstanding adhesive performance, permanent elasticity and long term weather resistance. High chemical resistance. Meets ISO 11600 F20HM. Suitable for sanitary applications. Available in cartridges of 310ml and foil bags of 600ml in a range of colours

  • High modulus hybrid polymer sealant & adhesive
  • Damp surface adhesion
  • Conforms to ISO 11600 F 20 HM
  • Over-paintable
  • Silicone & isocyanate free
  • XS1 fungicide
  • Available in white, black & grey

Strong bonding which requires elasticity and high end strength. bonding in vibrating constructions. . Flooring joints in construction.