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How to create a rust effect without using metal powder

Achieving Rust Effects with HYDRO Materials: A Creative Approach

We are going to explore the innovative method of using HYDRO materials to replicate the look of rust on surfaces, eliminating the need for metal powder. This technique allows for versatile applications on various substrates where HYDRO pigment fillers or colour lacquers can be utilized, offering a high-quality, individualized finish. Ideal for furniture, interior design, trade shows, and more.


  1. Prepare the substrate by sanding appropriately (180-240 grit sandpaper).
  2. Dye the HYDRO pigment filler with HYDRO colour concentrate “Basis” HF 21418 or other HFM colour concentrates to achieve the desired hue (15% for 1C pigment fillers, 20% for 2C pigment fillers).
  3. Thoroughly mix the colour concentrate with the filler and add 2% of HYDRO Filler additive HZ 74, ensuring uniform blending.
  4. For 2C pigment fillers, incorporate the hardener thoroughly.
  5. Apply 150-250 g/m2 of the modified pigment filler onto the surface using a lacquer roller to enhance the desired rust effect.
  6. Allow drying for at least 16 hours (up to 48 hours at 20°C room temperature) without the need for lacquer sanding.

For Enhanced Effects:

  • Mix Hesse HYDRO Filler Additive HZ 74 with Hesse PERFECT-NATURA HDE 54500, then add 10% of colour concentrate “Rust” HF 8008 and blend well.
  • Harden the mixture with Hardener HDR 5091 (ratio 10:1 by volume) and optionally add 10% of effect booster HZ 76 for added depth.
  • Apply the mixture onto the surface, creating uneven and accentuated areas to imitate partial rust formation.
  • For high-stress surfaces, add a protective layer of PERFECT-NATURA HDE 54500 with PERFECT-TOP HDE 54000.

Creative Tips:

  • Stir the mixture thoroughly after adding the effect booster.
  • Sand the substrate material (e.g., FPY or MDF) with 150-240 grit for optimal results.
  • Experiment with different application techniques to achieve desired rust effects.
  • Customize pigment fillers and finishing lacquers for unique colour effects.
  • Consider additional effect additives for further enhancement.

With clients using this effect all over the country we are confident this will be a great option for you, used on multiple projects with different expectations – it’s truly as cool as it sounds.

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