Zowotec 203 Exterior Clear Primer

Zowo-tec® 203 is a water-based primer with biocidal setting acc. to EN 113 and EN 152.1. Suitable for dimensionally stable timber elements (e.g. windows, doors). Zowo-tec® 203 offers preventive protection against wood-destroying fungi, blue stain and insects. Suitable for wooden parts not exposed to static stress and which do not come into contact with soil.

Zowo-tec® 203 must always be tinted to ensure maximum UV protection. there is a vast range of colours available. Download the colour charts here Color-Line Nature – 15 Colours or  Color-Line Classic – 72 Colours

Apply one coat of Zowo-tec® 203 followed by one or two coats of Zowo-tec® 421

To coat products with Zowo-tec® 203 they must be dipped or sprayed & brushed to ensure impregnation into the timber.

Available in 5 & 20 Litre drums


Next day delivery when ordered before midday