Zowotec 118 Impregnation ProtectX

The Zowotec 118 is a fast drying waterbased wood impregnator, with excellent flow and biocidal equipment, suited for flow coating.  Offering preventative protection against wood-destroying fungi and blue stain.  Suitable for wood parts not exposed to static stress and which do not come in contact with soil.

Suitable for dipping, flow coating and brushing within the industrial and professional market, including automated and manual dipping practises.  Ready to use and can be thinned with a maximum of 5% water.

  • Low Odour
  • Easy sanding
  • Compatible with DecoTec and ZowoTec range of product
  • Application rate – 120g/² which can be achieved in 1-2 applications

Available in 20 litre drums