SAGOLA X4100 Pressure Spray Gun

Ergonomic, robust and outstanding quality finish – the Sagola X4100 pressure spray gun is engineered for the most demanding industrial spraybooth.  Engineering excellence with its metal on metal technology and interchangeable aircaps, needles and nozzles.

  • Small, light and easy to use – To reduce fatigue and improve usability the size and weight of the Sagola X4100 has been reduced and the centre of gravity altered to make it more comfortable.
  • Metal on metal contact – designed without air diffusors, gaskets, rubber or plastic parts in the product area, extremely easy to maintain and clean.
  • Versatile – one gun does it all.  You can use any aircap with any nozzle. So if you need to increase your nozzle size, simply change the nozzle and keep the existing aircap.  You can also change the aircap and keep the nozzle.  Turn your Sagola X4100 into a HVLP spray gun by changing suitable aircap and the needle/nozzle to suit your application.
  • High transfer aluminium aircaps – wide range of high resistance aluminium aircaps. HVLP and conventional (CA) models to fit your spraying needs.