SAGOLA X4100 Suction Spray Gun

For high speed application the Sagola X4100 suction spray gun offers an unbeatable quality finish.  The large capacity and application speed means its ideal for spraying large areas, machinery or industrial vehicles.

  • Small, light and easy to use – To reduce fatigue and improve usability the size and weight of the Sagola X4100 has been reduced and the centre of gravity altered to make it more comfortable.
  • Precision control – as well as the ‘soft flow’ air valve that provides the ultimate feeling of control on trigger at any air inlet pressure, the product regulator allows fingertip adjustment of the amount of product you want to apply whilst the progressive fan regulator allows you to alter the pattern size to suit your needs.
  • Metal on metal contact – designed without air diffusors, gaskets, rubber or plastic parts in the product area, extremely easy to maintain and clean.
  • Wide range of high performance aluminium aircaps and nozzles – with a range of aircaps to fit any spraying need, the durable anodized aluminium aircaps are corrosion resistant – ideal for harsh environments.