Hesse Speedcare Oil is a fast drying, butanone oxime-free mixture of natural oils combined with refined alkyd resins.  The innovative siccatives provide rapid drying times for this oil, and the carefully selected chemicals are those used in cosmetic products.  Provides a uniform matt finish, with good accentuating features and transparency.

  • A multicoat oil option for open pored and breathable surfaces
  • Suitable for all interior fittings including stairs and handrails
  • Meets Decopaint standards
  • Excellent pore wetting and levelling
  • Sprayable to improve processing times
  • High levels of chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Rapid drying times reducing costs in production
  • Sanding of surplus material isn’t required
  • Stackable in 15 minutes with forced drying

This product is available in 3L and 25L drums.