Hesse Old Country Stain BI3000xx

Hesse OLD COUNTRY Stain is a great solution for those looking to achieve a distinctive, grey-blue hue on their wooden furniture or flooring. The unique colour achieved by this stain is sure to make any piece stand out and become a conversation starter. What’s even better is that the process of applying the stain is incredibly simple, so even those without much experience in woodworking can achieve great results. The secret to the stain’s success lies in the chemical reaction it creates with the wood’s natural wood tannins. So if you’re looking to add a touch of something special to your project, consider giving Hesse OLD COUNTRY Stain a try.

  • Available in a selection of different colours – including ginger, swamp, dark olive and burned wood
  • Easy application
  • Accentuates natural grain and wood colours

Available in 1L bottles on request