GE11254 NATURAL-SOLID-OIL Is a mixture of extremely low-solvent and low-odour high solid natural oils with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. For low-emission surface finishes on exclusive wood surfaces subject to normal to high indoor demands.  NATURAL-SOLID-OIL already exhibits good resistance and abrasion resistance in the first coat without hardener. The product can optionally be hardened for even faster drying and even better resistance.  Our NATURAL-SOLID-OIL is so high-yielding that the wood is reliably protected by just one application of the hardened oil.

  • Easy to apply & fast drying due to non-classified siccative’s
  • 1 to 2 coats using spatula, roller or cloth
  • Optional hardener for even faster drying and better resistance
  • Contains more than 94% renewable raw materials and less than 0.5% solvent content
  • Suitable for contact with food of all kinds
  • Ideal for use on parquet flooring or furniture.
  • Carries IMO certification

This product has an optional hardener OR5180 (ratio 100:4 by volume) giving faster drying and additional resistance.

*all datasheets are in english but are available in other languages.