Hesse Natural Oil OE5283x

OE5283x Clear Natural Oil ia a mixture of natural oils and natural oils modified with alkyd resins.

  • Easy to apply & fast drying due to non-clasified siccatives
  • 1 to 2 coats using spatula, roller or cloth and then rub in with a sanding fleece
  • It accentuates the wood substrate and after drying it creates a tough yet open-pore and breathable surface, which has good abrasion resistance and great resistance against
    household chemicals
  • Optional hardener for even faster drying and better resistance
  • Ideal for use on parquet flooring or furniture.
  • Available in matt (10%) or high gloss (90%)

This product has an optional hardener OR5180(ratio 10:1 by volume) giving faster drying and additional resistance.


Next day delivery when ordered before 2pm