Elcometer Hudson Transfer Pump

The Elcometer HUDSON is designed to handle a broad range of water and solvent based materials, from hot or cold products to high viscous fluids or corrosive liquids, the HUDSON’s high flow rate and immersed inlet makes it ideal for priming fluids.

  • Powerful Performance – With up to 60 litres per minute ( 18.73gpm) maximum free flow, the Elcometer Hudson is the ideal stick pump to transfer most types of hot or cold, viscous or corrosive liquids
  • Durable and Hardwearing – The Elcometer Hudson is a very low maintenance pump with hardwearing components such as the PTFE carbon and stainless steel packing seal kit, making it incredibly durable and long lasting.
  • Efficient – Designed with low air consumption, the Elcometer Hudson helps to lower expensive compressor usage costs.
  • Safe – The Hudson conforms to ATEX Zone 2 ensuring it is safe for use in potentially hazardous Zone 2 areas.

Key Features

  • Low air consumption air motor to reduce compressor costs
  • Durable stainless steel piston rod
  • Integrated wet cup to prevent moisture ingress penetrating fluid
  • Easy to add Throat Seal Liquid
  • Durable PTFE carbon and stainless steel packing seal kit with most bung adaptors
  • 1/2″ high flow fluid outlet
  • Stainless Steel ball and seat prevents wear when using corrosive fluids
  • 1″ BSP cylinder diameter compatible
  • Lightweight 6.5kg (14.33lb) short and 7kg (15.43lb long, making it easier for manual handling
  • Removable cylinder housing to quickly change from using large scale drums to smaller vessels
  • Suitable for use with hot or cold fluids 4.4C – 60C (39.9F – 140F)
  • Available with 200 litre (44 gallons) drum lid and rotary agitator