Elcometer Baltic Air Assisted Airless Pumps

Ideal for wood and metal workshops the Elcometer BALTIC is an air assisted airless (mix) pump designed to be durable and easy to maintain, engineered and manufactured with high quality components such as stainless steel balls and tungsten carbide seats.  This air-assisted piston pump is ideally suited for wood worktops or metal fabricators requiring a high quality finish at fast application rates.

  • Easy to Maintain and Use – Engineered to be simple to use, the Elcometer Baltic’s robust self-adjusting packing and seal kit, filter, balls and seats are fast to service or replace – reducing maintenance time.
  • High Performance – the Elcometer Baltic is available with 15:1,30:1 and 31:1 ratios, allowing larger spray tips up to 0.45mm (0.018″), better fan patters, longer fluid hoses and less pulsing for better finish
  • Efficient and Quiet – The low air consumption of the Elcometer Baltic helps to lower expensive compressor running costs, whilst the low noise makes it ideal for production lines.
  • Versatile – Choice of trolley or wall mounted with a suction hose or gravity fed hopper, pair with the Sagola Mini Xtreme Mix Spray Gun to suit your application.

Key Features

  • Low air consumption air motor, 1.10cfm (31.12 litres per minute) maximum
  • Robust, easy to read gauges for both pump and spray gun
  • Precision pump and spray gun regulators
  • Anti-pulse chamber, compatible with waterborne and solvent based products, with stainless steel 80 mesh filter helps to prevent spray tip blockages and ensures smooth spraying
  • Easily accessible wet cup for throat seal pump liquid
  • Rugged, durable pump with tungsten carbide and stainless steel ball and seats and self-adjusting packings
  • Service the lower quickly using standard workshop tools
  • Stable, boltable footprint of 543 x 527mm
  • Each pump is fitted on to a rugged and ergonomic trolley with built-in hose and gun rack, for easy movement around site.  Unbolt the bracket and pump form the trolley to create a wall mounted version with suction hose – weighing up to 12.3kg (27.1lbs)