AnchorResin Ultra 1530 UF Resin Adhesive

AnchorResin Ultra UF Resin 1530 is an unmodified liquid Urea Formaldehyde resin adhesive, Anchor UF resin 1530 is a highly reactive product designed to reduce the time of the pressing cycle due to its high adhesion properties, whilst providing long pot lives and spreader life.

  • Highly reactive designed to reduce the time in the pressing cycle
  • Liquid hardener resulting in safer usage
  • High adhesion properties
  • Long pot and spreader life
  • Typically used for hot and cold press assembly work
  • Typical applications are veneering, sub assemblies, flush door manufacturing and constructional work where close contact joints cannot be guaranteed.
  • Use with Anchor Resin 1564 Hardener

Available in 5kg, 25kg  or 250kg drums or our Eco Crates



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