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Here’s to the water-based primer that seals in wood tannins!

Hesse Lignal has once again proven their excellence in meeting the rising demand for water-based products with their latest innovation, COOL-Protect. Among the challenges faced with water-based products is the issue of sealing the timber, especially when it comes to natural ones. COOL-Protect, the newest addition to the COOL family, serves as a basecoat filler to address this concern.

This 1K isolating primer boasts powerful filling properties and exceptional isolating characteristics. It effectively seals off the wood content, preventing bleed through into the coloured coat. Versatile in its applications, COOL-Protect is suitable for use on furniture, staircases, and various wood types, including dark deciduous woods.

With a maximum application of 3 coats, this primer offers easy processing and can be sprayed both vertically and horizontally. It can also be diluted with 5% water, providing flexibility in its usage. If you have been hesitant to use water-based products due to wood reactions, now is the time to reconsider, as this revolutionary primer bridges the gap between practicality and sustainability.

Excited to give COOL-Protect a try? Reach out to us at 02392233310 or email us at to get a sample and experience the benefits of this innovative solution first hand.