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How are the CREATIVE METALLIC finishes different to liquid metal?

Recently, many of our customers have been asking whether they should use liquid metal finishes or try CREATIVE METALLIC.

So in this blog, we will look at the difference between the two, so you can decide which is right for your next project.

The difference between liquid metal finishes and CREATIVE METALLIC

The biggest difference between CREATIVE METALLIC and liquid metal finishes is the ease of application. Liquid metal finishes, which contain metallic particles and a binding agent, require a special gun and plenty of experience. CREATIVE METALLIC sprays like a standard paint, it is easy to use and gives a very good finish easily.

To get a good finish with liquid metal finishes requires users to sand off all the lacquer to be left with a metal coating, which is time consuming and requires specialist expertise.


At Redwood, we thoroughly recommend Hesse’s CREATIVE METALLIC finishes. They are very popular with our customers, as they have clear benefits:

Easy application process

Being easy to use is definitely a big advantage of using CREATIVE METALLIC. There is no need for specialist equipment, or to sand off the lacquer after use, the CREATIVE METALLIC sprays like a standard paint and gives a good finish easily.

Extensive colour palette

CREATIVE METALLIC has an impressive 112 different colour tones that are ideal for creating unique pieces for interior fittings and on furniture and doors.

All of the lacquers in this range can also be mixed with one another for a virtually limitless variety of effects.

Premium finish

The extensive range produces exquisite metallic effects with coarse to fine metallics, from silver, copper and gold colour tones through to modern, bright metallics.

The CREATIVE METALLIC range has a high resistance to chemical and mechanical stresses, so is able to create a flawless finish across a wide range of applications.

Fast drying

A key advantage of CREATIVE METALLIC is its fast-drying lacquer system, which has been developed especially for interior fittings and shop fitting. The coating of furniture and doors is an additional benefit.

The same lacquer is also suitable for decorative glass coating on elements like glass doors, shower partitions and glass within furniture.


Unlike many other finishes, CREATIVE METALLIC is free of harmful aromatic solvents and only requires a P2 mask when spraying.


Using actual metal for your project can be expensive. CREATIVE METALLIC is an effective cheaper alternative and has an all day pot life. This extended pot life reduces product waste and minimises costs of replacements that products with a shorter pot life would require.

To order from our extensive CREATIVE METALLIC range, contact our specialist team on 023 9223 3310 or email