Sia 7990 Siasponge 98 x 69 x 26mm Standard Blocks

Surfaces can be treated quickly and easily with the 7990 siasponge block. This handy sanding block is ready to use at any time and achieves excellent results on wood, plastics, paints, lacquers and also on composites due to its high edge stability.

Grit type

  • Aluminium Oxide
  • Available inĀ coarse, medium, fine & super fine


  • Colour coded for easy identification
  • Low clogging
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Coated on all four sides, ideal for use inside rebates and on flat surfaces


  • Sanding off old varnish, paints and stains
  • Sanding off raised wooden fibres
  • Fine sanding of surfaces
  • Sanding off rusted parts
  • Sanding off old paint and varnish
  • Keying surfaces for better paint adhesion
  • Flatting uneven areas
  • Keying or sanding surfaces
  • Keying smoothed surfaces


Colour Coded Blocks - What else could you possibly need?