Sia 7988 Siastrong Sanding Sheets

The Sia 7988 Siastrong sheet is a double sided sanding sheet which can be used in a wide variety of applications.  Its perforation ensures sharp contours and makes precise sanding easy, even in hard-to reach places.  This robust abrasive is washable, hard-wearing and durable.

  • Highly adaptable due to its flexibility
  • Low clogging rate due to high level abrasive technology and mesh backing
  • Suitable for wet and dry application
  • Consistent performance throughout its life
  • Excellent longevity due to strong backing material and its elastic binder bonding
  • Can be used on old varnish, paints and stains, sanding off raised wood fibres, keying surfaces for better paint adhesion
  • Folding line designed to increase the sharp angles and reach even the most difficult areas in the work piece
  • Aluminium oxide grit type

Available in P180, P240 and P320 in boxes of 10 or 20

Learn more about the Sia 7988 Siastrong here