Hesse PERFECT-FILL Primer HDP5640-9343

HDP5640-9343 PERFECT-FILL is a dual component primer with excellent filling properties and a thixotropic formula.  Its ease of processing and wide area of application, including its suitability for surfaces subject to heavy wear and in damp locations and the like, make it a universal filler throughout interiors. Flame retardant according to IMO and DIN EN 13501-1. PERFECT-FILL can be sanded by machine and can be recoated using PERFECT COLOR or any other suitable Hesse lacquer system.

  • Excellent filling properties due to thixotropic formula
  • Can be machine sanded
  • Carries EN13501-1 (C-s1, d0) and IMO certification
  • Can be pigmented to suit any colour requirement
  • Decopaint Category J
  • Free of harmful solvents and only requires P2 mask when spraying
  • Available in 7 & 25kg drums

This product requires hardener HDR5081 (ratio 7:1 by volume)

*all datasheets are in english but are available in other languages.

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