Anchormelt 526 Unfilled Edgebanding Hotmelt Adhesive

Anchormelt 526 is a high performance unfilled edgebanding adhesive EVA hot melt that can be used for edgebanding on most types of edge bander.

This adhesive is specially formulated for use in the woodworking industry and can bond a range of substrates including PVC, HPL and solid wood lippings. It has excellent adhesion properties and a reasonable open time, allowing for easy adjustment of the edgebanding during application. It also has a low application temperature, making it suitable for use with heat-sensitive substrates. 

  • Suitable for varied feed speeds of  5-15 metres per minute
  • High heat resistance
  • High level of adhesion to most commercially available edging
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Typically used for edgebanding and PVC, HPL and solid wood lippings
  • Clear glue line

Available in 20kg sacks.

Next day delivery when ordered before 2pm