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Maintenance Guide for lacquered and oiled surfaces

Keeping your lacquered and oiled surfaces clean can be a challenge when they are in high-traffic, high maintenance areas.  These surfaces, often found in spaces such as kitchens, dining rooms and hallways, require special care to maintain their shine and durability.  Lacquered surfaces are particularly susceptible to scratches, smudges and dirt build up which can dull their appearance over time.  Similarly oiled surfaces, while offering a rich natural look they can easily absorb stains and moisture if not properly maintained.

To effectively care for these surfaces, regular cleaning with appropriate products is essential. For lacquered surfaces, using a soft, damp cloth along with a gentle cleaner specifically designed for lacquer can help remove dust and grime without damaging the finish. Avoid abrasive materials and harsh chemicals that can scratch or degrade the surface. By adhering to these maintenance routines, you can keep your lacquered and oiled surfaces looking pristine even in the most demanding environments.

Check out the tips we have here on the best way of doing maintaining your finishes.

Redwood – Maintenance instructions for oiled and lacquered surfaces