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Workshop Guide: Choosing the Appropriate Adhesive

To assist workshops handling a variety of projects monthly, we have created a guide outlining the most suitable adhesive options for common tasks such as veneering, curved joints, and exterior joinery.


  • For quality veneered boards, we suggest using UF resin. Its strong glue line and easy mixing process ensure a secure bond. While PVA is often preferred, UF resin prevents veneer movement under heat, maintaining the integrity of bookmatched veneers.


  • PVA is the preferred choice for laminating due to its user-friendly application and excellent glue line. It is commonly used in bathroom vanities and kitchen counters, offering durable adhesion.

Curved Joints

  • In curved laminating, a solid glue line is essential to prevent laminate spring back. Like in veneering, UF resin helps keep the laminate in place, providing a dependable solution for clients.

Exterior Joinery

  • Waterproof glue lines are crucial for all exterior joints to ensure the durability of windows, doors, and conservatories, especially in rainy conditions. Consider D4 style products like PVA or PU. Reach out to us with your project specifics for personalized recommendations.

This guide outlines common adhesive applications in construction projects. If you have any inquiries, please contact us at or call us at 02392233310.