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Which weather elements affect exterior joinery the most and how can we protect our joinery against it?

Exterior joinery is exposed to the natural elements all year round, from the heat of the summer sun, to the harsh damp winter conditions. This naturally takes its toll on the durability and quality of the wood.

Wood that is kept dry and away from sunlight in an indoor application will last indefinitely, but when exposed to all elements, it’s important to give joinery the right protection.

In this blog, we’ll explore how the weather affects exterior joinery and what can be done to protect it:

How weather affects exterior joinery


Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun is the main cause of deterioration in exterior joinery. When wood is exposed to the sun’s rays, it causes the surface of the wood to break down and decay. The UV light induces chemical changes in the wood cells, breaking down the lignum and cellulose in the timber, making it brittle, whilst also shrinking the surface of timber in comparison to its inner section, eventually causing the timber to split.

This can result in the wood losing its rich colouring and fading to a dull grey. Additionally, prolonged sun exposure can lead to warping, cracking and structural damage in exterior joinery. As small surface cracks appear, the grain becomes raised and the rough surface will absorb moisture and begin to rot.


If your exterior joinery is south facing, it can cause the wood to break down 75% faster than if it was north facing, due to its prolonged exposure to the sun, especially during the hot summer months.


Moisture from the rain can have equally damaging effects on exterior joinery. Wood is porous and can absorb moisture, which can lead to rot, mould and fungal growth.

Wet rot is a term given to a group of fungi that thrive on and rot timber. The spores of these fungi need the timber to have a high moisture content, for them to germinate and grow. They thrive on exposed exterior joinery that is persistently damp or wet.

As exterior joinery is continuously exposed to these elements it is crucial to choose the right coating to protect against these effects.

Benefits of Zobel’s Exterior Wood Coating

Zobel’s exterior wood coating offers excellent weather resistance, durability and an unrivalled high quality finish.

With UV protection, there is less fading, so your wood will maintain its top quality appearance. Plus there is elasticity in the finish, so as the wood expands and retracts, it doesn’t crack. Another key benefit is it incorporates an anti-blue stain and antifungal properties to effectively target rotting.

Top quality clear and opaque coatings are available, which require minimal sanding and additional coatings, enabling you to get an enhanced finish at a reduced cost.

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