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Can I create a stone effect without using real stone?

Using real stone can be impractical and costly, especially when it comes to shopfitting and exhibitions.

So, in this blog, we’ll explore how to achieve a high quality stone effect, without using real stone.


Benefits of a stone effect

Anyone who has installed real stone before, will know it is heavy, cumbersome, and can be complicated and time consuming to install.

A stone effect is the opposite, it’s light, easy to use and achieves a good finish that is much quicker than polishing real stone, not to mention it is more cost effective.

Hesse Lignal’s PLANET-STONE solution

Hesse Lignal’s PLANET-STONE solution is a highly desirable lacquered alternative that coats wood, plastic and many other substrates with real stone particles, giving you the ability to transform any object into stone.

PLANET-STONE gives the texture of real stone and is indistinguishable from solid stone slabs, it is ideal for shopfitting and exhibitions and can be used for all furnishings and interior fittings, including kitchens, bathrooms, stairs, floors and wall panels.

How it works

This effect coating is achieved by adding stone powder to a suitable base lacquer on a HYDRO or PU base, with the mixing ratio of 60 parts powder to 40 parts HYDRO or PU base lacquer.

Quick and easy to apply

PLANET-STONE is traditionally applied with a paint gun and large nozzle. But the powder can also be scattered by hand into the base lacquer, when it is still wet.

Applying a final clear top coat will offer more gloss options and ensure a smoother surface. The coating is also easy to clean, and much easier to install than heavy stone.

Endless design potential

The PLANET-STONE colour palette comprises of 10 different stone powders, but other colour variations can be easily created, by mixing the powders, or applying a light or dark base coat onto the substrate before lacquering. You could even lacquer a particular design, for example your logo, in a second colour tone.


PLANET-STONE is extremely durable and meets the requirements of DIN 68861-1B with the PU base, which tests the quality and durability of a coating.

It is also less expensive than real stone, making it a fantastic cost effective option that delivers incredible results.


Hesse’s PLANET-STONE is sustainable, as no extractions from stone quarry resources are required. In addition, the stone powder comes from cutting slabs of real stone and is repurposed to create a long-lasting sustainable effect.

To get the PLANET-STONE effect, contact our expert team on 023 9223 3310 or email