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Liming: How is the traditional method achieved and is there an easier way of doing it?

Liming is becoming increasingly popular, as it provides a distinctive finish on wood, enhances the wood’s appearance and offers a layer of protection, whilst keeping the natural grain visible. 

But, the traditional liming process is very time consuming and laborious, and as we’ll explore in this blog, there is an alternative way to get the same distinctive effect, in a fraction of the time! 

Fill holes and sand for a smooth finish  

When the wood is dry, you will need to remove any blemishes using a sanding pad or paper. For a smooth finish you may also need to fill and sand any holes. 

Open the grain  

Next to be able to lime the wood, the pores of the grain must be open so that the liming wax or paste can be worked into them. The most effective way to open the grain of the wood and lift the pores is by rubbing vigorously with a liming bronze brush. This process is very labour intensive, as a lot of pressure is required to open the grain. But the more open the grain is, the better result you will achieve. 

Clean the surfaces 

After completing the process of opening the grain, you will need to clean the surface and surrounding areas to remove any dust.  

Apply liming wax 

Take a fine steel wool and apply the liming wax in circular motions. Once applied, use a clean cloth to remove any excess and finish by buffing in the direction of the grain. 

Further wood protection 

Finally, once you have finished liming, you should further protect the wood. Use a cloth to apply quality beeswax and then once dry, buff it to enhance the sheen.  

A durable, water resistant finishing oil will also offer extra protection. This should be left to soak in for 20 minutes and then the surplus oil should be wiped away.  

After applying the finishing oil and wax, you should allow them to dry for a minimum of five hours. Once dry, take another cloth and buff the wood for a soft sheen.  

Ongoing care 

To maintain the wood’s appearance, ongoing care is advised. Wiping the wood with a damp cloth will keep the wood fresh and further waxing and buffing will restore its shine. 

Staining instantly produces the same results as liming 

Did you know the liming effect can be achieved quickly and easily with stain? 

Well, with over 15 years industry experience, we’re happy to say it can! 

For best results we recommend Hesse EAZYPORE pore stain TEP 

Hesse EAZYPORE TEP, it’s a fast drying solvent-based pore stain, that makes it possible to achieve the same effect as liming, but with a much quicker and easier application process. One-coat is all that’s needed to achieve the desired effect – simply wipe it on and wipe it off! 

Our Hesse TEP stain creates a clear satin effect with distinctive colour contrasting pore patterns, to enhance the visual appeal of the wood.  

Available in black or white, you can choose the colour that best suits your desired aesthetics. This stain leaves no residue on the surface, ensuring a clean and flawless finish. 

To see how quick and easy Hesse EAZYPORE pore stain TEP 700 is to use, watch this short video. 

To order from our Hesse TEP stain range, contact our dedicated team on 023 9223 3310 or email