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Why using the right base products is important for exterior paints

What does a primer do? 

The right base product gives the correct surface for adhesion. It creates a long-lasting, stronger adhesive surface for the undercoat and top coat to stick to.  

Full coverage 

It’s essential to apply a primer to masonry, metal and other wood surfaces for a proper bonding of the paint job. 

Primers are particularly useful for porous surfaces, to help cover wood grain and knots, small pores and marks, reducing the need for additional finishing coats.  

High quality finish 

Primers work well on surfaces that are dirty and hard to clean, as it provides a new base for the paint to go on, in addition to hiding stains and preventing discolouration.  

Choosing a similar colour to your top coat will provide an even colour finish.  

Acts as a sealant  

A primer acts as a sealant, preventing mould, even in materials that are not originally water resistant. 

Saves time and money  

The right base products leave you with a high quality finish, whilst saving you time and money, as less coats are needed for a full coverage and you won’t have to worry about chipping, peeling or discoloration. 

Using the right primer blocks tannins 

We get regular feedback from our customers that our Zobel primers block tannins better than anything they have ever used before! 

Zobel primers 

We highly recommend the Zowotec 263 white impregnation primer, the Zowotec 385 intermediate white coat, followed by the Zowotec 480 white or coloured top coat.  

The Zowotec 385 can be used as a primer without the need to apply an impregnation coat, but applying the Zowotec 263 prior to use enhances the protection and finish.  

Zowotec 263 is a water-based impregnation product, that offers preventative protection against wood-destroying fungi, blue stain and insects. 

For best results, Zowotec 263 should be applied prior to the Zowotec 385. 

Zowotec 385 is a sprayable water-based intermediate coat, which protects against the discolouration of wood. It has high covering power, fast layer build-up and good sandability. 

Zowotec 480 should be applied after priming and is available in RAL 9016 and RAL 9010 as standard, or can be mixed to any RAL colour and other standard paint colours, as well as in dull-matt, matt or silk gloss. 

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